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Young Adult Programming

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Young adults ages 18 and older, who have a closed head injury or other disability, require and deserve special attention.  They can find the support they need within a club-like environment at Foundation for Senior Living’s Adult Day Health Services centers throughout Maricopa County.

The Young Adult Program increases the capacity of young adults to address their health care needs as well as offer a stimulating social experience.  We provide a structured day health program that enables participants to remain at home and in the community.  Their caregivers receive respite opportunities required to enable them to continue providing full-time care at home.

Purposeful and life enhancing activities appropriate to the individual’s physical, developmental, emotional and social needs are provided at each center.  Activities include:

  • Community re-entry and access skills, including routine outings
  • Physical exercise for gross and fine motor skills
  • Assistance with participants’ activities of daily living
  • Encouraging socially appropriate behaviors
  • Vocational and job training
  • Restorative therapies including music, art, and movement
  • Individual and group therapy and support